Spring Harvest Holidays

LPO Offering

Each Sunday we give guests the opportunity to contribute to our offering fund which in 2016 will be given to different projects:

Church planting in France –we will again be supporting a church planting project which combines leadership training with the practical action of starting a new church in Descartes. The project is supported by CNEF (the French Evangelical Alliance) and France Mission.

Les Restos du Coeur – the local branch of a national French initiative to provide food parcels and meals to the poorest and most needy people in the community.

The Spring Harvest Holidays Grants scheme – this scheme enables people on low incomes to have a holiday at LPO. The grant pays 50% of the holiday cost and a sponsoring church or individual pays the other 50%.  The scheme has benefitted unemployed people, missionaries and those on benefits – amongst others. In 2015 39 people benefited from the scheme.

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Couriers taking the next step – our couriers are invited to apply for a contribution towards their development in ministry, for example at Bible school or with a mission organisation.  Five of our 2015 couriers benefited from these grants.

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