Spring Harvest Holidays


Le Pas Opton is managed and operated by a dedicated team in France and the UK. Every summer we employ a talented, lively, enthusiastic team of seasonal staff to help us deliver an outstanding programme for all ages. Applications are now closed for the 2017 season. Application for the 2018 season open in November. Follow our Facebook or Twitter pages for more updates.

It is part of our vision that couriers should learn, grow, be challenged and discipled as part of their experience at LPO. Many couriers go on to leadership and ministry roles in church, para-church and other organisations.  For many it is a life-changing experience. There are regular opportunities to learn from the speakers and worship leaders on site. Offerings taken on site contribute towards a fund that supports some couriers in further study or intern roles as they develop longer term ministry after leaving LPO.

For more information about the different roles, check out the job descriptions below.

  • The majority of our couriers work with children and young people to create an amazing holiday experience for the whole family. » View job description
  • Pool attendants run pool games and activities and take charge of the general safety of the pool area. » View job description
  • Reception staff work with our office team to deliver a great experience for our guests on arrival and throughout their holiday. » View job description
  • Coffee shop staff work with the bar team leaders, delivering fantastic service in our coffee shop, kitchen and bar. » View job description
  • Night stewards patrol the park after curfew and ensure the no-noise policy is being respectfully observed. » View job description
  • Technical couriers are in charge of PA, audio/visual equipment and lighting of venues, including our marquee. » View job description
  • Hire centre operators maintain and hire out bicycles, barbecues and other equipment, giving guests the best service possible and ensuring safety at all times. » View job description

Couriers and staff spend between five and nineteen weeks in France between mid-May and mid September. Applicants are expected to work a minimum of five weeks during high season (24th July – 28th August). For the duration of their stay couriers are accommodated in converted mobile homes.


Applications are now closed.


Are these paid roles?

Yes. Couriers are employed under French contracts that are fully compliant with French and EU law. Salaries are paid at standard rates, from which a modest deduction is made for food and accommodation.

Do couriers organise their own travel to Le Pas Opton?

Couriers are responsible for organising and paying for their travel to Portsmouth harbour. Spring Harvest Holidays will organise and pay for travel from Portsmouth harbour to Le Pas Opton, including a ferry crossing and rail or minibus travel. Alternatively we will contribute towards air fares.

What about accommodation and meals?

Couriers stay in converted mobile homes and there is an option for them to be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How many people apply for the positions?

Each year we receive a large number of applications for courier roles. Due to the high number of exceptional applicants, the process is very competitive. Only 25% of applicants make it to the interview stage. Please note we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications.