LPO Offering

Each Sunday we give guests the opportunity to contribute to our offering fund which in 2017 was given to these projects:

Church planting in France – we supported the “Surfchurch” church plant at Hossegor, near Biarritz on the French southern Atlantic coast. Reaching out to both locals and the vast migrant surfing community, Surfchurch has already seen God’s help in finding a building, with the support of the local Catholic church. The fund has given £5000 towards a mobile skate facility and a further £2000 for various initiatives for the poor and homeless.

Les Restos du Coeur – the local branch of this national French initiative provides food parcels and meals to the poorest and most needy people in the community. This year they received €1000.

The Spring Harvest Holidays Grants scheme – this scheme enables people on low incomes to have a holiday at LPO. The grant pays 50% of the holiday cost and a sponsoring church or individual pays the other 50%.  The scheme has benefitted unemployed people, missionaries and those on benefits – amongst others. In 2017 21 people benefited from the scheme which gave just over £3500 of funding.

Couriers taking the next step – our couriers are invited to apply for a contribution towards their development in ministry, for example at Bible school or with a mission organisation.  Three former couriers benefitted from such grants in 2017 – a total of £4750.

Offerings are given via the charity Essential Christian. This facilitates Gift Aid reclaims.

Click here to donate to the offering