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2021 season: delaying the launch

It’s high time that we bring you up to date with our plans for 2021 – though that’s not easy to do!  The global pandemic has disrupted our planning just as it has disrupted, delayed and destroyed so many hopes and dreams in recent months.

Both France and the UK are back in lockdown. In France it is strictly enforced: our site team again need to carry special documentation even to travel to work at LPO. Two of them recently tested positive but all should be back at work (or furlough) soon.

There’s a further challenge for us in the form of various legal changes that will take place after Brexit. A hard and therefore unpredictable exit from the EU now seems certain and only in early 2021 will detailed arrangements become clear. However, we’re sure that France will remain very enthusiastic about welcoming the 12 million Brits who visit every year.

No doubt you can see the reason why we are not formally launching the 2021 season yet. We may need to adapt or change in a number of ways and the best time to make these big decisions is probably a couple of months away yet.

In all our planning, the top priority is guest safety and ensuring that our holidays remain a superb experience – refreshing spirit, soul and body.  We’re hard at work on both sides of the Channel to ensure this remains the case.

Meanwhile you’re still welcome to make a provisional booking for next year – as many people already have. In fact there are over 2000 people booked into a 2021 LPO holiday already! However, we are going to hold off confirming holiday details for a while yet.

Be assured we will keep you in touch with our plans. We are grateful for prayers as we negotiate this tricky period and we look forward with hope and expectation to happy LPO holidays in 2021.

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