Spring Harvest Holidays

Children’s Programme

Le Pas Opton provides the perfect opportunity for your children to thrive, make friends and, most importantly, engage with God.

High energy games, worship, crafts and creativity – what more could you ask for! Our trained workers bring loads of enthusiasm to each age-specific group, where children engage with Jesus through a mix of activities. All kids clubs are completely free and your child can turn up any morning they want, which makes planning your holiday an absolute breeze.

Please note there is no children’s provision before 27th May and after 4th September.


Each morning session contains easy crafts, soft play and nursery rhymes that are designed to stimulate, exercise and entertain your pre-schooler. Fun is the name of the game, and we find that even the shyest children soon join in with the play and laughter. We also have a special toddler-friendly week 5th- 12th  June.


Anyone with children in this age range will know they have boundless energy and endless enthusiasm! Challenge our team to wear out your child! 4-6s love Power:Kids and its combination of action-packed adventures and fun-filled games. We often see kids growing in confidence throughout the week as they make friends and become more adventurous.


7-9s have plenty to enjoy during their clubs and our children’s workers keep them active and engaged. There are team challenges, art activities and Bible stories amongst plenty of sports and games.


10-12 year olds often fall into the stage between kids and teens, and that’s why this group is tailored exactly to their needs. The sessions are packed full of fun activities and games and the Bible content is delivered in a relevant and practical way. Our team advises the youngsters on the ways they can live for God in their day-to-day lives – at school and with their friends.

Please note

  • Under fives activities are designed for your child and you – except for special sessions in the Toddler Week
  • Children are invited to join sessions for their own age group only
  • Off site activities for older teenagers- e.g. paintballing may incur a cost and require an accompanying adult
  • Open air activities are always subject to change
  • No alcohol is permitted for under 18s – except at your own accommodation with parental permission and supervision
  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times: please stay in the park during children’s sessions.
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