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Driving in France

Driving in France

A few weeks before your holiday, we’ll send you a travel pack. This includes helpful information on how to reach Le Pas Opton. Here are a few things to get ahead on in your planning.

Requirements for driving in France

Be prepared – you’ll need to carry these items in your car at all times:

  • Driver’s licence
  • Insurance certificate
  • Head light deflector stickers (buy in the UK at Halfords, or similar)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Spare bulb kit
  • Red warning triangle
  • A disposable breathaliser device (law not currently in force)

Tips for driving in France

The secret to driving in France is not to rely upon road numbers as they operate both a French and European system and many roads have two numbers.
Plan your route by town names, not road numbers.

  • Junctions off the major routes aren’t always numbered, but have town names
  • If you get lost in a town, follow Toutes Directions (all directions) which will get you out of the town and towards further signage. Another sign to look out for is Autres Directions (other directions); follow this if you don’t see your target town on any signs.
  • If you use a SatNav, the grid reference of Le Pas Opton is: Latitude = 46.73032, longitude = -1.87701.
  • If travelling from Calais, you will need to allow for tolls. The website can help you plan your route.

Some legal requirements to be aware of

There are some obvious differences for UK visitors to observe; such as that you will drive on the right hand side in France, and distances and speed limits are shown in kilometres instead of miles, but there are a few other things to bear in mind, plus some additional road laws that are specific to France.

  • Parking is prohibited within 5 meters of pedestrian crossings.
  • Drivers are prohibited from wearing headphones.
  • Blood alcohol limit for novice drivers (less than three years) has recently been lowered from 0.05% to 0.02%.
  • Drivers or passengers on a motorcycle must wear reflective clothing.
  • For more details, visit the or

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