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The Pinewood Story – Part Two

Our CEO Steve May-Miller visited LPO last week and was able to view the area we call Le Village –  home to most of our Pinewood mobile homes – with over 30 empty emplacements. The old has gone, but the new has not yet come.

Until now, that is. The first batch of our shiny new mobile homes has been delivered. They are being manufactured at the O’Hara factory at Givrand, a large industrial estate on the edge of St Gilles.  They won’t get travel sick en route to LPO – the distance is less than 10km, meaning a lower carbon footprint for these units which are made by France’s most environmentally responsible manufacturer.

The new units arrive on the back of purpose built trucks and trailers which by law, due to the width of the load, have to be preceded by a vehicle with flashing orange lights and a big sign saying “Convoi Exceptionnel”.  The guys and girls who handle these deliveries are adept at sliding them up and down the delivery ramps and avoiding costly damage in transit.

Once they are on the ground at one of the park entrances, they become our responsibility. So we in turn employ the services of a specialist installer who tows them to the emplacement, positions them to our plan and then levels them up ready for connection of services, installation of steps and fitting out– areas that we deal with ourselves.

Have you ever tried to reverse a trailer or caravan into position? Some people are adept at it, others – well, they struggle. Reversing a mobile home (8.5m long and 4m wide) into position requires skill, lots of experience and the right equipment, for example a 4WD vehicle with tow bars on the front, the back and possibly a corner too.

Now our work begins: first of all checking every unit carefully for quality, then connecting water and drainage, fitting out the interior and testing prior to the first guest’s arrival. We’ll get to work soon on the pilot three-bedroom unit so you can see some photos of the finished product. Meanwhile, here’s a photo of the first two Pinewood 3s, levelled on blocks and in position. They look like emplacements 145 and 144 to me.  Not very exciting on the outside, but watch this space – the interiors are incredible!

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