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Cycling at LPO

Vendée Velo Cycling

The Vendée region is very flat with a growing network of cycle paths, making it a great place to see by bicycle. Every season hundreds of LPO guests set off in groups and explore the local area. There is always a tremendous atmosphere, and many people have overcome their fears that cycling is only for the most fit. Whoever you are, you will always find someone riding at your pace.

We suggest getting a group together and beginning your day with an early morning ride to Sion Sur L’Ocean for a fresh coffee. Leaving at 7:30 am will give you time to get there and back by 9:30 – in time to get the children ready for their morning clubs, and for you to make it to the morning Bible talk. There is something really special about being out enjoying good company and beautiful scenery at this time of the day.

Alternatively, visit St Gilles, LPO’s nearest town. With a choice of cycling routes to get there, each at around 10km, this is an easy and pleasant way to get in to this historic resort town. Enjoy a well-earned treat in a local Crêperie or moules frites from one of the many pavement cafés.

Recent guests at LPO have had this to say:

‘France is the best place I have ever ridden. The cars give you so much space and even stop for you at roundabouts.’

‘Riding in France is so much safer then back in England. The drivers are much more bike aware and the local cycle paths are so safe. I will be going home to buy a bike ready for next year.’

‘My friend took me out to the café one afternoon after not riding since I was at school. It was so lovely I just had to join in the morning ride with my husband.’

Why not join them! A free booklet about Vendée cycle rides is available from reception. Bikes are available for hire on site – hire by the day or week, from a range of available models, including kids, adults, mountain bikes and children’s trailers.

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